Decentralized Stablecoin Exchange

Stablecoin DEX on Ethereum & Polygon

The new home for non-USD, fiat-backed stablecoins, providing crypto and forex traders with access to 24/7/365 FX markets.

  • Low 0.05% trading fee

  • Simple and fast stablecoin swaps with low slippage

  • Participate in our stablecoin liquidity pools and share the fees

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Swap Features

Simple, easy-to-use trading interface
Low slippage swaps close to the Oracle price
Fast, trustless & cost-effective cross-border forex swaps
Proactive Automated FX Money Market
Swap USDC for a variety of non-USD stablecoins
Low spread non-USD stablecoin swaps

Liquidity Pool Features

Gain LP Tokens for providing liquidity
Participate in the platform’s governance
Become a stablecoin market maker
Flexible withdrawals of your funds
Support the growth of non-USD stablecoin DeFi
Diversify your portfolio

Stablecoin Pairs for Swaps & Liquidity Pools



British Pound Stablecoin



Euro Stablecoin



New Zealand Dollar Stablecoin



Turkish Lira Stablecoin



US Dollar Stablecoin

We are Serious about Safety.

  • Continual audits and bounty programs to maximize security incentives.

  • Governance through a consortium of stablecoin issuers and liquidity providers


Security is our utmost priority.
RD Auditors

We focus on ensuring the safety and reliability of our platform. Our smart contracts undergo regular audits by top security firms to identify vulnerabilities. By following best practices and implementing audit recommendations, Stabull operates securely and reliably.

Bug Bounty Program

We invite the cybersecurity community to help improve our platform’s safety & reliability. By participating, you can earn rewards for responsibly reporting vulnerabilities. Your efforts are crucial in enhancing our defences and ensuring a secure trading experience for all. Start hunting bugs today and contribute to a safer defi stablecoin trading platform!

Introducing Stabull’s Decentralized Money Market.

Stabull is the new DMM for fiat-backed stablecoins & commodities