On-chain FX market

Stabull democratizes the multi-trillion dollar FX and Commodities markets on-chain.

  • Continuous Audits & perpetual bounties
  • Liquidity Incentives
  • Governance via Consortium of Stablecoin issuers and liquidity providers
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Supported Stablecoins



Turkish Lira Stablecoin



US Dollar Stablecoin



New Zealand Dollar Stablecoin



Euro Stablecoin



British Pound Stablecoin

Swap Features

  • Low latency, secure & low-cost transactions.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

  • Decentralized and Trustless swaps, ensure your data and assets remain secure.

  • Innovative Features to ensure you get the most out of your Assets.

Introducing Decentralized Money Markets.

Stabull is a Decentralized Money Market (DMM).

A Web3 capital efficient swap facility for Stablecoins and commodities – with a focus on security, community and user-friendly interface.

The Decentralized Money Market (DMM) fueled by the power of Blockchain:

Connecting to Stabull Finance you will gain access to:

Global Liquidity 24-7
Trade fiat-backed stablecoins and commodities 24/7 with global liquidity.
Low Fees, Fast Execution
Take advantage of low transaction fees and fast execution speed.
Core infrastructure
Trade with confidence knowing that this is a core piece of stablecoin issuer-backed infrastructure.
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Participate in our growing community and access exclusive educational resources.

Our Decentralized Money Market (DMM) is Serious about Safety.

  • On-going Audits & Bounties programs to incentivize max security.

  • Governance via Consortium of Stablecoin issuers and liquidity providers.


Security is our utmost priority.
RD Auditors

We understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of our platform’s core infrastructure. We subject our smart contracts to rigorous and regular third-party audits conducted by industry-leading security firms. These audits thoroughly assess our AMM contracts, identifying potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. By adhering to best practices and implementing the recommended improvements from these audits, we ensure Stabull operates in a robust and secure manner.

Bug Bounty Program

Welcome to our Bug Bounty Program! Join our community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and help us make our application safer. By participating, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover vulnerabilities and receive rewards for responsibly disclosing them. Your efforts play a crucial role in strengthening our defenses against potential threats, ensuring a secure browsing experience for all. Start hunting bugs today and contribute to a safer online environment!