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What fees do I pay when I trade or swap stablecoins or provide liquidity on Stabull DEX?

There are two fees associated with trading on the Stabull DEX — A gas fee and a Stabull protocol fee.

gas” refers to a unit of measurement for the computational work required to execute operations or transactions on the network. Gas is paid to Ethereum & Polygon validators to process and validate transactions on these networks. 

When making an onchain transaction through a decentralized application, validators need to be paid for their work verifying the transaction. Decentralized exchanges shift control and responsibility to users, by letting them trade directly from their wallets through smart contracts. Users are responsible for their funds and passphrases.

Stabull does not collect these fees, they go straight to validators.

DEXs like Stabull charge a nominal protocol fee for a transaction on their platforms. These fees contribute to maintaining the platform and developing new features.

When using the Stabull DEX there will be numerous onchain interactions when a user may need to pay for gas.

Gas fees are variable and change based on the network. Users can track present and historical gas costs by using tools like Etherscan’s Gas Fee Tracker (for Ethereum) or Polygonscan’s Gas Fee Tracker (for Matic/Polygon) and determine whether they are comfortable paying the gas fees associated with interacting with Stabull at the time.  Generally, congestion eases and gas costs do drop off. The chart on this page offers a rough estimate of peak and trough gas times in the last 7 days – Ethereum Gas Fees Today ⛽ ETH Gas Chart & Heatmap (milkroad.com)

Still need help? Check out our knowledgebase, ask one of our helpful community members on the Stabull Discord, or submit a ticket via our helpdesk to our team for help.

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