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Getting Started Guide – Swapping Stablecoins on Stabull DEX

This article outlines how you can conduct a Stablecoin Swap on the Stabull DEX.

In order to trade on our decentralized exchange for any of our supported stablecoins, you will need the following:

  1. A supported wallet (ie MetaMask)
  2. Crypto to pay gas fees for your chosen network (ie Matic for Polygon)
  3. A stablecoin you want to swap from (ie USDC)

With these in place, you can start trading by following these steps.

  1. Visit the DEX at https://app.stabull.finance.
  2. Select your blockchain from the dropdown.
  3. Connect your MetaMask Wallet to the dApp and select the wallet address you want to use.
  4. Once connected, you can select the stablecoin you want to swap from, and the corresponding stablecoin you want to swap to.
  5. Enter the amount of the Stablecoin you want to swap from, and it will display the corresponding amount.
  6. Optional: Clicking the gear icon, you can select a max time for confirmation, or a slippage allowance should you want to. You can also see further information on the transaction by clicking the down arrow beside Transaction Details.
  7. You will then be asked to Approve your cryptocurrency. Clicking this will trigger MetaMask which will ask you to set your Spending Cap. Click Max to select your full balance, or enter a custom amount (equal to or greater than the amount you are looking to swap)
  8. Click next, set your gas fee and click approve – note: setting this too low could delay your transaction from being confirmed, but gas fees for a Spending Cap authorization are generally only a couple of cent.
  9. Metamask will broadcast your transaction, and once confirmed, you can proceed with the next step.
  10. Click Swap, which will trigger Metamask again.
  11. Select your gas fee, and click confirm.
  12. Metamask will broadcast your transaction, and once confirmed, you will receive the corresponding stablecoin in your wallet. Can’t see your stablecoin yet? Click here to see how to add it as a custom token.

Still need help? Check out our knowledgebase, ask one of our helpful community members on the Stabull Discord, or submit a ticket via our helpdesk to our team for help.

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