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How To Guide – removing liquidity from a pool

Liquidity Provider (LP) Token holders can remove liquidity from the corresponding liquidity pool at any time, in order to redeem the LP tokens for the associated stablecoins and any associated fees generated.

This article outlines how you can remove liquidity from a pool.

After connecting your wallet and selecting the relevant blockchain from the dropdown, visit the Pools page.

Click on My Liquidity

You will see the pool(s) you hold LP tokens for, share of the pool and other information. Click remove.

Enter the percentage of liquidity you would like to remove from the pool, which will display how much you will receive in the corresponding stablecoins.

Use the slider to select the percentage of the relevant stablecoins you would like to remove from the pool.

Click remove which will open MetaMask.

Review the details of the transaction, which will show you how many LP tokens are being removed, and the corresponding stablecoins they are being exchanged for.

Accept or adjust your gas fee, and click confirm.

The transaction will be broadcast to the relevant blockchain.

Once it has been submitted, you can click View on Explorer to see the transaction information in the relevant block explorer, or click Close.

Once the transaction has been confirmed by the relevant blockchain, the LP tokens will have been removed from your wallet, with the corresponding stablecoins returned to you, along with any fees you have generated while your stablecoins were on the pool.

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